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Whose Trades Are You Copying?

Being a CopyCat is not always bad, especially in trading.
Easy access to one of the world’s top copy trading platforms will help you learn how to trade like the industry’s elite.

What’s Copy Trading?

Access successful
trading accounts
on various platforms

Observe their
strategies & trades
with full transparency

Copy their
trading strategies

Check out the Copy Trading Platforms You Can Use with Your Royal Trading Account

– Copy Trading
at Its Very Best!

We’ve partnered with ZuluTrade, one of the world’s top Copy Trading platforms, which gives you the opportunity to copy the trades of some of the best traders out there. To get started, simply open a Royal ZuluTrade account and check out over 100,000 traders’ portfolios.

  • Getting Started with ZuluTrade

  • What’s the catch?

Simply click on the open a live account or the open a demo account to get started.

Want more info on how you can Copy Trade with Royal and ZuluTrade? Click here!


If you’d like to be part of a community of traders who share their trading activities allowing everyone to benefit from their decisions, then MyFxBook is the place for you.

This is not a simple copy trading platform, with MyFXBook you can analyze your account with advanced statistical tools that’ll help you understand your trading habits inside out in order to improve them.

Of course, if you’re new to trading you can follow other traders and track their public systems to help you make your own trading decisions but it doesn’t end here, you can discuss their trades with them and interact with the community to learn more about trading from real traders.

Guess What?
Money Managers Get Something Out of It Too!

MyFxBook is also ideal if you’re a money manager looking for new clients; you can use your public system page as a resume of your trading skills, what better way to convince people you’re good at what you do than by showing them?

In addition, the platform features a large number of helpful tools such as Currency Popularity, Directional Analysis, Real-Time Analysis, Trades Journal, Twitter Connection, Strategies Analysis and more. So, whether you’re a new or seasoned trader, Money Manager or seeking to find a money manager, MyFxBook is the real deal!

Want more info on how you can Copy Trade with Royal and MyFxBook? Click here!

Neither Royal nor CopyTrade traders mentioned are providers of managed discretionary account services. CopyTrade traders trade on their own behalf only and Royal’s role is one of an executing broker only. CopyTrade traders do not manage or have access to your funds and may not even know your identity. It is your own decision to copy a particular CopyTrade trader, meaning that all trading decisions made by a CopyTrade trader will be deemed to be your own trading decisions.

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