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ZuluTrade – the #1 Copy Trading Platform

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could copy the trades of other traders? Now you can. With Royal and ZuluTrade, you’ll access the trading strategies of traders who are ranked based on their ROI (Return On Investment) and risk behaviour. With full transparency, you’ll be able to view traders’ performances and ZuluTrade’s top traders. Go ahead and open your ZuluTrade account!

ZuluTrade – One of the World’s Top Copy Trading Platform

What’s ZuluTrade?

Check out the trades of 10000s of traders on the platform

Choose the ones whose trades impressed you

Copy their strategies and trades into your own trading account

Make their success your own and learn along the way

How Do I Get Started with ZuluTrade?

Open a Royal Live Account

Fill out ZuluTrade’s Registration Form

Fill out Royal’s Registration Form

Sign a Letter of Direction with Royal

If you already have an account with Royal, login to ZuluTrade here.

Neither Royal nor CopyTrade traders mentioned are providers of managed discretionary account services. CopyTrade traders trade on their own behalf only and Royal’s role is one of an executing broker only. CopyTrade traders do not manage or have access to your funds and may not even know your identity. It is your own decision to copy a particular CopyTrade trader, meaning that all trading decisions made by a CopyTrade trader will be deemed to be your own trading decisions.

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