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Most people see funding as a hassle, despite the fact that online payments have been around for over two decades. On the bright side however, Royal’s been dealing with online payments for more than half that time, which means that our online payment solutions have evolved quite a bit and we’re constantly striving to offer you more and better options.

  • How Do
    I Fund?

  • What Methods
    Can I Use?

  • How Do
    I Withdraw?

How Do I Fund My Account?

Funding your account is as simple as it gets.

  • Get Your Account Verified

  • Choose Your Funding Method

  • Fund Your Trading Account

What Methods Can I Use?

All the good ones of course.

  • E-Payment

  • Bank Wire

  • Credit Card

  • Cheque

For information on how you can make deposits & withdrawals with your Royal Trading Account, click here.

How Do I Withdraw?

Withdrawing your funds is just as simple as depositing them.


    You know by now that Royal’s a licensed global broker, which means that our rules are set in stone. And we do our very best to make sure the process is smooth.


    Depending on the method you choose, your withdrawal time will usually vary between ‘instant’ & 7 business days. As you know, there are bound to be exceptions.


    Your Account Genius is eagerly waiting for your call. So, at any moment of doubt, know that you’re not alone; we’re here to guide you all the way.

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we’d never make it difficult for you to get your money, it’s yours after all.
Check out how your withdrawal process will roll out at Royal.

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