Royal Corporate Governance

Royal is a financial intermediary institution built on transparent business practices and compliance with all local and international laws and regulations.


Compliant operations

Royal operates within a strong and secure corporate governance framework that identifies the rights and responsibilities of each of the board members , general management , employees and external stakeholders based on corporate governance policies and practices designed to adhere with regulatory requirements

Our corporate governance guidelines hinge on the evolving needs and expectations of our clients, regulators, investors and the market at large. We are fully compliant with the laws, rules, and regulations governing our operations and believe our unwavering compliance promotes the interests of Royal’s stakeholders, shareholders and clients alike, while also advancing our long-term interests and strategic organisational goals.

our Board of Directors

Royal’s Board of Directors and Executive Management outline and agree upon the company’s Corporate Governance Code which is reviewed and updated at least once a year or as needed. The Code documents Royal’s commitment to the highest corporate governance standards and is published, on request, on Royal’s website.

Royal’s Board of Directors has extensive experience in finance, auditing and regulatory compliance. Each member is selected to the Board based on a strong track record in their respective field of expertise. This expertise ensures effective oversight over the company’s operations and provides a strong foundation for the company’s strategic expansion.

The Board is also able to ensure strong corporate governance to mitigate risks and bolster Royal Financials’ market position.

The Board’s

  • Setting Royal’s strategies and objectives, while identifying and mitigating any risk
  • Establishing robust internal control functions
  • Ensuring Royal progressive strategies are adaptive to any change in market conditions within the regulatory environment.
  • Operating Royal’s day-to-day business with integrity and sound judgement and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Protecting the interests of clients, meeting shareholders’ obligations, and considering the interests of other recognized stakeholders
  • Aligning Royal’s corporate culture, activities, and behaviour with the principles, policies and procedures of sound governance.


Royal’s Board and Executive Management establish specialized committees whose responsibilities include the oversight and implementation of governance policies and practices. They recommend governance guidelines and monitor compliance to them.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the board of directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial
reporting process, the system of internal control, the audit process, and the company’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and the code of conduct.

Risk Committee

The responsibility of the Compliance/AML/CFT Board Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in its functions and supervisory role with respect to: fighting money laundering and terrorist financing and understanding the related risks, and assisting with making the appropriate decisions in this regard.

AMLCFT Committee

The responsibility of the Compliance/AML/CFT Board Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in its functions and supervisory role with respect to: protecting the company from other compliance- risks, and overseeing Royal’s compliance with applicable laws, policies and regulations

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee oversees the firm’s Investment strategies by reviewing the macro economic outlook, the asset allocation amongst all related markets. It also monitors and review the performance of all the
investments of the firm against the correspondent benchmarks

Executive Committee

Royal’s Executive Committee is an internal body responsible for reviewing and assessing the company’s strategy, budget governance framework, corporate structure, internal policies, and operational procedures. This committee makes recommendations.

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