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Learn All About Forex with Roy & Al

Have you met Roy & Al?

Despite their love/hate relationship, this inseparable duo is on the same quest as you;

understanding the forex market.

Take the journey with Roy & Al, have fun & learn forex.

A few things you’ll learn with Roy & Al

    • Forex, what’s this wizardry?
    • Pips, leverage & the whole family
    • What can you trade & how
    • The forex animal kingdom
    • Fundamental & technical analysis
    • How the markets really work
    • Market sentiment
    • Mistakes you can avoid
    • Risk management
    • Psychology of trading
Start your journey with Roy & Al!

Roy & Al Introduce the Show

What Is Forex

What Is a Pair

What Is a Pip

What Is a Leverage

Roy Introduces Al to Market Terms

What Is a Bull

What Is a Bear

What Is a Hawk

What Is a Dove

Roy Introduces Al to Trading Practices

What Is Market Analysis

What Is Sentimental Analysis

What Is Fundamental Analysis

What Is Technical Analysis

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