Trader’s Fix

This is your masterclass in forex trading.

Get closer to becoming the trader you want to be with every single video.

Learn All About Forex and Trading

The Trader’s Fix series of trading and forex videos is your opportunity to acquire multi-decade insights, whether you’re a new kid on the block, or a seasoned-pro trader who’s been doing this for a while.

A few things you’ll learn

    • Calculating a pip
    • Understanding leverage
    • Understanding market movements
    • Support & resistance
    • Pivot points
    • Candlesticks & chart patterns
    • Market jargon
    • Economic indicators
    • Momentum indicators
Take the journey with us...

Intro to Trader's Fix Series - Forex Videos

How to Calculate Pips

What is Leverage - Part 1

What is Leverage - Part 2

What Are Market Movements

What Are Support & Resistance Levels - Part 1

What are Support & Resistance Levels - Part 2

What Are Moving Averages

What Are Pivot Points

How Do You Use Pivot Points

What Are Candlestick Charts - Part 1

What Are Candlestick Charts - Part 2

Learn Market Jargon - Part 1

Learn Market Jargon - Part 2

Learn About Economic Indicators

What Type of Trader Are You - Part 1

What Type of Trader Are You - Part 2

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