Deep Tier-1

Access Our Wide Network

of Vetted Global Liquidity Providers

By using Royal’s deep interbank liquidity, you get access to a network of global liquidity partners that can allow you to get – and therefore – offer top-of-book spreads to your clients and unparalleled price depth which ensures optimal execution on all trade sizes, at any time of the day. Leverage our aggregated pool of tier-1 bank, non-bank, and ECN liquidity providers to your advantage.

Deep Tier-1

MAM technology & interfaces for greater control & allocation

Detailed & summary trading statements

Seamless deposit & withdrawals, & much much more

Tight spreads as low as 0.0 pips with very competitive ticket fees

We’re Not Done… Automated Execution

We’re talking about 3rd party state of the art execution. We use PrimeXM to ensure no dealer intervention!

Advanced Bridging & Automated Execution Technology:

Hosted with Equinix, the world’s biggest data and server hosting company, our technology records near 0 seconds latency on trade executions, and in general under 35 ms – 70 ms round trip.

Data Feeds from the World’s Top Banks:

Get FIX API that delivers a direct feed straight to our deep liquidity pool. That means you get the right fill with minimal slippage.

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