Forex, metals, oil & indices are your key elements for trading. At Royal, you can find your favourite pairs & instruments, all the while discovering new ones.

Here’s What You Can Trade
with Your Royal Account

Forex Markets

Royal is your highway to the grand forex market 24/5! Open a Royal account to trade over 35 major, minor and exotic currency pairs and take part of the $6.6 trillion exchanged every single day on the forex market.

Trade gold & silver with Royal, & spice up your portfolio with precious metals considered as potential safe haven assets. Did you know that - according to research - trading spot metals can get popular during times of financial uncertainty?

Trade WTI & Brent oil with your Royal account. Trading oil is a great way to diversify your portfolio & take part in one of the most dynamic markets. You may not realise that oil is used in hundreds of products such as basketballs & cosmetics!

Get in on indices trading with your Royal trading account & access some of the biggest & most active indices in the world, such as the U.S. Wall Street 30 & UK 100. Choose from U.S., European, Asian & Australian indices.

Stocks & ETFs
Get unlimited direct access to more than 12 major exchanges around the world all from your Royal account. Maximise your return with low commissions and reap the benefits of corporate growth and portfolio diversification.

Today, the Futures market is one of the largest in the world bringing together suppliers and buyers to mitigate price risk in all types of instruments, while providing countless speculative opportunities. Get direct access to multiple Futures clearing houses worldwide.

Enjoy a wide selection of options on thousands of instruments. Options give you the right with no obligation to purchase or sell an instrument at a predetermined price, allowing you to hedge away any of your markets risks.

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