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The Royal Market Analysis Team sweats for all the bits and pieces of exquisite content they produce, so that you – our beloved trader – don’t sweat it! We spend hours and hours creating content that is simple, captivating, and dare we say fun(ny)!

We decrypt the market analysis language to make it easy for you to understand.

You’ll be spending your time grasping market fluctuations to make trading decisions.

We’ll make all the boring parts fun and engaging, and we believe we’ll succeed.


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We have an implicit, unwritten rule at Royal which says ‘No Shenanigans’.

We say it as it is when commenting on the markets because well…you deserve the truth, and we’ve got existential standards. We believe in education before trading, and we’ve immersed ourselves fully into educating you, our traders, through really innovative and disruptive media. This is Market Analysis and news at a whole new, in-depth, and intimate level.

‘Understanding the markets is not exclusive to professional traders and economists, it’s – in fact – a really fun and interesting industry once spoken in the common tongue. Our plan is to eliminate the jargon and give everyone a reason to love the markets.

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