Hassan – a.k.a. Sam – is the crème de la crème of financial geeks, to put it simply! And boy does he love graphs. He started with Royal as a dealer but was quickly pulled into the Research and Analysis department, a fate he simply couldn’t escape. Three years into the department and countless grey hairs later, we dare to say he’s a bloody genius; well if grey hair is a sign of wisdom that is!

Sam’s existence got hijacked by finance early on in university; he says it was ‘love at first trade’. It wasn’t the thrill of the trade itself that got him hooked, but the analysis, time and effort going into every single trade that stole his heart.

During the fateful spring of 2008, he took a ‘Technical Analysis of Financial Markets’ class and had quite the realization; he had become the one his classmates sought for advice on the markets. He then strove hard to perfect his understanding of the financial markets and managed to become the go-to expert on trading. When we say geek, we mean it!

Sam graduated with a BBA – specializing in Banking and Finance – and went further down the rabbit hole with a master’s degree in that same field. He then expanded his horizons even more by seeking the oh-so-hard-to-attain CFA – all in the hopes of becoming a master at understanding the markets.

Did we mention he’s also a Dungeon Master, no for goodness’ sake not that kind of dungeon! He’s a Dungeons & Dragons Master (D&D) and if you don’t know what that means, you better start your research. It’s the granddaddy of role-playing games and it’s freakin’ awesome. Seriously, read about it!

And to leave you with his favourite quote – don’t ask why, we won’t say: ‘You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through’ – Rosalynn Carter.


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