The Royal Guard

Making Sure Your Funds Are Well Kept

Not Only Because It’s the Law but Because It’s the Way We Roll

The truth is, almost every regulator requires forex companies to comply with a set of rules such as segregation of funds, but at Royal we’ve been doing it since regulations were a glimmer in the government’s eye. Why? Because we’re traders. And we’ve advocated for traders ever since we first opened our doors to the world in 2006.


How Are Your Funds Protected?

Strong Regulation

True, we’re licensed by ASIC, CySEC & the CMA, but doing our best to keep you happy is just how we roll.

Segregation of Funds

As the end retail trader, your funds are not placed with ours. This means they can only be used by you, for your trading account with Royal.

High-Grade Banks

Your segregated funds are kept in top-notch, reputable banks with a solid history.


You will know what you’re getting into before you even open a live account because we hide nothing & always keep you in the loop.

Years of Experience

Since we started, we’ve constantly upgraded with the times & technological changes.


Everything’s easier with a helping hand & at Royal, you’ll always have that. If you feel stuck at any point we are one chat or phone call away.

Why Is This Legal Mumbo Jumbo So Important?

We’re responsible for the funds you keep in our care, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. So when we say we’re taking every measure to make sure your funds are well kept, we mean it.

That’s why the legal-ese is so important.

If you’re new to Royal, you don’t need to trust us yet. All you need to know now is that keeping your funds in segregated accounts is a requirement dictated by the regulations we hold.


Royal’s grown from a two-man operation to a multinational corporation because we’ve always been honest and transparent with our clients. Our every success is rooted in this trust.

This currency of trust is not something we take lightly or squander. In fact, we do everything we can to protect and build on it because we want you to enjoy the experience of trading and investing with us.

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