Looking for a stable and convenient, ultra-low latency trading environment? Get a Virtual Private Server (VPS) from some of the best providers in the world, all thanks to your Royal trading account.


What Is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it basically means a cloud-based desktop PC. So, instead of using your own device as the host of your trading platform and trading activities, you use the virtual server that’s located in a data centre elsewhere in the world. Why would you use a virtual server you ask? Simply because this virtual server never fails under power cuts, connection problems or other mundane issues we may face at home. It’s also strategically located in well-known data centres close to your broker’s location, making execution much faster.

Why Do I
Need to Get
VPS Hosting?

You don’t need to get VPS hosting per se, but you’ll appreciate having one, especially if you’re using automated trading software. Here are the main reasons you’d want to use VPS hosting:

A considerably faster execution speed.

Ultra-low latency thanks to strategically placed data centres.

Low to no-risk of losing uptime on your trading due to power shortages.

Choose Your VPS Provider




Get a resilient, enterprise-class Virtual Machine, with lighting-fast response times, low-latency & rock-solid infrastructure solutions. BeeksFX has dedicated racks strategically placed in London, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Chicago & Hong Kong data centres, allowing them to supply one of the best VPS hosting solutions.

One of the world’s most trusted and reliable Forex VPS providers, ForexVPS specialises in the industry and allows you to execute your trades as fast as 1 millisecond; it also offers 100% up-time server guarantee and lightning-fast SSD. Forex VPS will be integrated with your Royal account type upon request.

The Commercial Network Service (CNS) VPS is a broker-centric VPS provider which offers a 100% up-time and 100% UT guarantee. CNS offers two-factor authentication for extra security & boasts data centres in London, New York & LA. This reduces latency & ups speed.

If you can’t decide which VPS Hosting solution is ideal for you, hit us up and we’ll help you out.

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